In company TAB MAK we strive to continuously establish and improve our global competitive position in the production and sale of lead-acid batteries.

The management of the company will create all the necessary conditions, which are needed for achieving the set objectives and continuous improvement of the effectiveness of the quality management system and the environment system.

The management is committed to creating conditions that will enable the production and sale of the products to comply with the domestic and international legal regulations and standards and to meet all customer requirements in order to increase their satisfaction.

In our working, we will ensure that our impact on the environment is minimal and within the prescribed legal limits, which apply in Macedonia and in the markets, where the company will work. We will also take care of the safety and health of the employees at workplaces and for their motivation. We will enable acquiring the knowledge needed to provide appropriate capacity.

The company’s goal is to be better than our competitors. Recognizable and the reputation among the customers and the general public we want to achieve with competitiveness, reliability and quality products.

  • to follow the development of the leading global corporations and introduce new technologies and products on the field of lead-acid batteries,
  • to decrease energy consumption and waste per unit of production per unit product,
  •  to use the best available technology (BAT) in meeting the requirements of the environmental permit,
  • to achieve the highest possible degree of recycling of lead waste,
  • further maintenance and improvement of the quality management system ISO 9001,
  •  to obtain the certificate of environmental management system ISO 14001,
  • to prevent damage and injuries in the workplace on the basis of a risk assessment and constant hazard identification,
  • to meet all the requirements of safety and health at work about the maximum permissible value of Pb in the blood of the employees 300 mg/l for women and 400 mg/l for men,
  • to make a profit

We will achieve the goals through the collective efforts of all employees and with cooperation with our business partners and other interested parties who will be involved in the operations of the company. The policy is available to the public on the Internet page of the company TAB MAK.


Probishtip, January  2018   Director TAB MAK
    Peter VERCKO