In addition to the manufacturing of lead-acid batteries, the TAB MAK company also has a plant for recycling waste lead-acid batteries and other lead-containing waste.

The recycling plant within the TAB MAK company is the only plant in Macedonia with equipment and technology for processing of used lead-acid batteries and other lead-based waste. With its cutting-edge equipment, knowhow and the filtering devices, the plant provides the highest level of processing of all products, thus ensuring minimal environmental impact in compliance with the legal regulations. The care for the environment and the safety of the employees are values to which the company pays special attention.

In addition to the production and the environmental recycling of used lead-acid batteries, the care for the environment is one of the main tasks of the company.

We process the waste materials into products that are reused for production of batteries:

  • Refined lead,
  • Lead alloy,
  • Polypropylene plastic.

The recycling plant comprises the following:

  • Storage for raw-materials,
  • Separation of used batteries by means of an industrial water system,
  • 2 rotary furnaces,
  • Refinement,
  • Filtering devices
  • Auxiliary infrastructure facilities.